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for all of the gentleness and peacefulness of the sweet mourning dove.

this original mourning dove bird painting is the ideal addition to a mantle, side table, desk, or shelf. it also has a hook for wall display. this textural, mixed media painting is done on a piece of hand carved birch wood and framed in an antique jugendstil frame (the german counterpart of the art nouveau movement) from around 1880-1900. this is a continuation of the "objet d'art" series-the painting and the frame are considered a single piece of art, and the artwork was created for this particular frame. the frame is quite delicate and has gorgeous age, patina and detail. It is crafted from tin/tin based alloy, which was popular during this period due to the material being particularly well suited for the curved shapes of the jugendstil/art nouveau aesthetic. the deep gold toned frame is decorated with flowers and branches and has a cardboard backing. the original purpose of the frame was for displaying a cabinet card photo.
i set the painting on wood underneath the cardboard with the built-in tabs and attached the cardboard to the tin frame at the legs. due to the materials, this is a precious art piece and should be handled with care.

for the painting: materials are applied layer by layer and then allowed to dry before the next application. this gives the paintings a great amount of depth and detail. mixed media includes vitange postage stamps, doily and paper, antique handwritten letters from the 1800's, and 18 karat gold leaf flakes. i recommend displaying in indirect light to protect the artwork.

size is approximately 3" in width, and 5" in height. the painting is about .25" in depth. all of my paintings can be handled. they look great on their own, or buy a bunch and display them together!

the perfect gift for a bird enthusiast, bird watcher, or avid dove fan. great for a collector of the quaint and curious. an ideal addition to an electic, antique filled space and/or a nature lover's home.


free domestic shipping on orders of $35 or more. 

original mourning dove bird painting on wood in victorian art nouveau tin frame

  • Items are shipped in 1-3 business days.

    I gladly accept returns and exchanges. Please contact me within 7 days of delivery if there is a problem with your order. Items must be in original condition and returned within 21 days of delivery for a refund.

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