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one of those dreamy days where the sky and the land are forever, and all feels settled and safe.

this deer in field country house blue sky clouds original painting is crafted on a piece of tall reclaimed wood. i buy all of my wood scrap from a local furniture maker. i'm never sure what he is going to give me, which adds to the creative inspiration. perfect for display on a mantle, book shelf, or side table, the painting also has a hook for immediate wall display.

the painting is created using layers of materials. each layer is allowed to dry before applying the next one. the multiple materials gives the painting a lot of depth and detail. the sides of the painting are brushed tan and light warm grey. materials include vintage paper and postage, and antique handwritten letters.

size is approximately 3.5" in width, 15" in height, and .5" in depth.

my paintings can be handled. display them on their own, or they look great in a group. a tall painting is fun to display on one of those narrow walls in your space (between door frames, etc.).

this textured colorful painting is a great addition to a soft, comfortable space. a wonderful gift for a deer fan, a country life enthusiast, or all-around nature lover.

free domestic shipping on orders of $35 or more. 

original deer in field country house blue sky clouds painting on reclaimed wood