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pastel butterfly original a2n2koon 5x5" painting on paper wall art framed artwork 7x7" distressed pink wood frame butterfly art for nursery

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a little symbol of new life!

this original painting is the ideal addition to a mantle, side table, desk, or shelf. it also has a hook for immediate wall display. this mixed media painting is done on textured, high-quality watercolor paper. the painting has been framed.

unlike a lot of artwork offered today, my work is done by hand from start to finish. the materials are applied layer by layer and then allowed to dry before the next application. the painting size is 5x5", and can be readily removed from the frame. the frame is handcrafted and has a nice vintage style. the peg that allows the framed art to sit on a flat surface can be removed for wall display. frame is made out of wood with a bubblegum pink tone.

overall size is approximately 7" in width, and 7" in height. the painting is about .75" in depth. see image #5 to view the back of the frame. artwork can be easily re-framed, however i recommend always framing the art under glass. please display the painting in indirect light to protect the art. to view the painting without the frame.

a perfect addition to a nursery or little girl's room. it also makes a great gift for butterfly lovers.

if you overpay for domestic or international shipping, I promise to refund the difference immediately. thank you for looking.

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