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framed flying owl bird print limited edition 4x6" a2n2koon giclee in distressed wood frame in gray limited edition framed art prints

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sweeping over the fields and forests of fall!

this framed 4x6" limited edition flying owl bird print series comes in a distressed wood frame. the frame has a sawtooth hook for immediate wall display. it can also be displayed on a flat surface. the back of each print is signed. the back of the frame is signed as well. the print can be easily removed from the frame (however, i recommend displaying the artwork in a frame, and under glass for protection. please display in indirect light to preserve the artwork.

the frame's overall size is 6.5x8". the wood has been distressed for an aged, rustic aesthetic. please note that each frame is unique in terms of distress. the frame comes in a choice of warm gray or faded robin's egg blue. there are five frames available of each-once the series is sold out, it will not be crafted again.

these archival giclee prints are designed using a painting that is sold-this is the only way to own this image in this size. this is a limited series-once the prints are sold out, they will not be printed again. and because there are only 10 in all, they are very limited edition indeed!

beautifully printed on a lovely textured paper.

a barn owl soars through the autumn skies. this is the perfect gift for an owl, bird, or fall season fan, or all-around nature lover.

if you overpay for domestic or international shipping, i will refund the difference. thank you for looking!

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